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I was born, December 2nd, 1960, in Cambridge (Galt), Ontario, Canada.

I began my university training, in 1979.

I graduated in 1983, with an Hons. BSc. in Human Kinetics, 

with minors in Nutrition and Biochemistry.

I traveled to Java, Indonesia in 1983 to 1984.

The intent of the international development agency, 

in conjunction with CIDA, was to work with mothers and babies, 

in nutritional / baby-weighing programs, 

as well as in birth control education.

This program did not progress as hoped, 

however, I assisted in a few orphanages, 

and in a group home, run by a New Zealand organization, 

where I was able to assist boys, often with multiple amputations, 

mostly due to motorcycle accidents or snake bites,

in therapeutic and employment training programs.

While awaiting visa renewals, in 1984, 

I had the most wonderful opportunities to study and to live 

in a Gandhian Ashram, in Bali, Indonesia 

(I also worked on the ashram's vegetable farm),

and I was able to study various forms of meditation and live in

a Buddhist Monastery, in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Back in Canada, between 1985 and 1987, I worked 

as a Community Outreach Worker for people with disabilities 

and I ran a Stroke Recovery Group. 

I studied Horticulture via Distance Education

and also worked briefly with the Board of Education 

and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Migrating gradually towards producing nutritional food, 

and horticultural therapy, until 1988, I worked on two vegetable farms, 

sold fresh produce at farmers' markets, 

and enjoyed goat herding and goat cheese production.

In December, 1988, I joined the staff, full-time, 

at DOMAIN ECOdynamic Research Foundation.

DOMAIN was an environmental research station / health education centre, 

located outside of Mary Hill, Ontario, on 64 acres.

I remained there until the facility closed, in 1994.

I was married, in 1990, to the founder of the research facility.

We have actually been together now for 23 years. 


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